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BEST-Fluids - Journal Article
Click below for the Lancet journal article.
BEST-Fluids - Results video
To view the lead investigators explaining the study results, watch this video!

The intravenous fluid saline, or sodium chloride, has been used in patients during and after kidney transplantation for many years. Plasma-Lyte is an alternative ‘balanced crystalloid’ fluid containing a mixture of salts and water that is more like human plasma and may improve kidney function. In the BEST-Fluids trial, we studied whether giving Plasma-Lyte instead of saline would be better for the new kidney transplant and reduce the need for dialysis after a transplant. The trial recruited 808 participants with kidney failure who received a kidney transplant from a deceased organ donor. The trial was conducted across 16 hospitals in Australia and New Zealand. The result of the study shows that using Plasma-Lyte during and after kidney transplantation is better for the new kidney and reduces the need for dialysis. Transplant units around the world are very likely to adopt this practice as it is cheap and effective.

To read the blog Art of Balance In Preventing Delayed Graft Function – BEST FLUIDS for better outcomes, click here.


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