The Standardised Outcomes in Nephrology (SONG) initiative aims to establish a set of core outcomes and outcome measures for clinical trials and other forms of research across the spectrum of kidney disease. Core outcome sets are a group of agreed-upon outcomes that should be measured and reported in all clinical trials in specific areas of health or health care. They help to ensure that research output is meaningful and relevant to patients with kidney disease, their families and their clinicians and that it can be used to support decisions about treatment. SONG has developed core outcome sets for haemodialysis (SONG-HD), transplantation (SONG-Tx), peritoneal dialysis (SONG-PD) children and adolescents (SONG-Kids) and polycystic kidney disease (SONG-PKD). Core outcome sets for glomerular disease (SONG-GD) and chronic kidney disease before the need for dialysis (SONG-CKD) are currently being development.


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