Publications 2023

Gately, Ryan, Milanzi, Elasma, Lim, Wai, Teixeira-Pinto, Armando, Clayton, Phil, Isbel, Nicole, Johnson, David W., Hawley, Carmel, Campbell, Scott and Wong, Germaine (2023). Incidence, risk factors, and outcomes of kidney transplant recipients with BK polyomavirus-associated nephropathy. Kidney International Reports, 8 (3), 531-543.


Guha, Chandana, Khalid, Rabia, van Zwieten, Anita, Francis, Anna, Hawley, Carmel M., Jauré, Allison, Teixeira-Pinto, Armando, Mallard, Alistair R., Bernier-Jean, Amelie, Johnson, David W., Hahn, Deirdre, Reidlinger, Donna, Pascoe, Elaine M., Ryan, Elizabeth G., Mackie, Fiona, McCarthy, Hugh J., Craig, Jonathan C., Varghese, Julie, Kiriwandeniya, Charani, Howard, Kirsten, Larkins, Nicholas G., Macauley, Luke, Walker, Amanda, Howell, Martin, Irving, Michelle, Caldwell, Patrina H. Y., Woodleigh, Reginald, Jesudason, Shilpanjali, Carter, Simon A. … Wong, Germaine (2023). Baseline characteristics of participants in the NAVKIDS2 trial: a patient navigator program in children with chronic kidney disease. Pediatric Nephrology, 38 (5), 1577-1590.



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