Publications 2022

  1. Collins, Michael G., Fahim, Magid A., Pascoe, Elaine M., Hawley, Carmel M., Johnson, David W., Varghese, Julie, Hickey, Laura E., Clayton, Philip A., Gill, John S., Dansie, Kathryn B., McConnochie, Rachael C., Vergara, Liza A., Kiriwandeniya, Charani, Reidlinger, Donna, Mount, Peter F., Weinberg, Laurence, McArthur, Colin J., Toby Coates, P., Endre, Zoltan H., Goodman, David, Howard, Kirsten, Howell, Martin, Jamboti, Jagadish S., Kanellis, John, Laurence, Jerome M., Lim, Wai H., McTaggart, Steven J., O’Connell, Philip J., Pilmore, Helen L. … on behalf of the BEST-Fluids Investigators and the Australasian Kidney Trials Network (2022). Baseline Characteristics and Representativeness of Participants in the BEST-Fluids Trial: A Randomized Trial of Balanced Crystalloid Solution Versus Saline in Deceased Donor Kidney Transplantation. Transplantation Direct, 8 (12) e1399, 1-13.
  2. Hegerty, Katharine, Jaure, Allison, Scholes-Robertson, Nicole, Howard, Kirsten, Ju, Angela, Evangelidis, Nicole, Wolley, Martin, Baumgart, Amanda, Johnson, David W., Hawley, Carmel, Reidlinger, Donna, Hickey, Laura, Welch, Alyssa, Cho, Yeoungjee, Kerr, Peter G., Roberts, Matthew A., Shen, Jenny I., Craig, Jonathan, Krishnasamy, Rathika, Viecelli, Andrea and on behalf of the INCremental dialysis to improve Health outcomes people starting Hemodialysis (INCH-HD) investigators (2022). Australian Workshops on Patients’ Perspectives on Hemodialysis and Incremental Start. Kidney International Reports, 8 (3), 478-488.


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