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The Better Evidence And Translation – Chronic Kidney Disease (BEAT-CKD) is a collaborative research program that aims to improve the lives of people living with chronic kidney disease in Australia and globally by generating high-quality research evidence to inform healthcare decisions made by patients, health professionals, and policy makers. BEAT-CKD addresses the entire spectrum of CKD, from early stage chronic kidney disease, through to dialysis, and kidney transplantation.

The objectives are to:
– identify promising interventions for existing high priority outcomes
– identify new priority outcomes that are patient-centred, and potential interventions to improve these outcomes
– provide robust evidence about these interventions
– identify which patients might achieve the most benefit from these interventions
– identify and evaluate strategies to deliver these interventions in diverse clinical settings

BEAT-CKD is funded by a NHMRC Program Grant (APP1092957) and supports four national research and translation platforms including:




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